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Danish government implements fat tax on fatty food and make healthy food cheaper – Common sense?

Sunday, 02 October 2011
From today, it will be more expensive to buy items like meat, cheese and butter in Denmark as fat tax is implemented on foods and supplement which are thought to increase the fat epidemic sweeping the country. Denmark thus becomes the first country in the world to implement such taxes and this will be closely watched by other to see the effects.

Specifically, consumers must pay Dkr16 more per pound of saturated fat in the product they buy. The purpose of the fat tax is to get the Danes to buy less fatty products, something that is being challenged by some experts who feel that will not help. One of the staunch critic is the leading nutritionist Christian Bitz who don’t believes in the increased taxes.

“I think that the fat tax is completely hopeless. It is based on outdated knowledge of saturated fat, and I refuse to believe that it will make any difference to the Danish public,” he says.

According to Christian Bitz Instead of making unhealthy goods more expensive, healthy food should be made cheaper.
He adds that fruit and vegetables could be made a little cheaper with no VAT and there could also be works with portion sizes, because “we know that many people eat too much food because they have difficulty controlling it.”

With fat tax, there is the risk according to Christian Bitz that “we will send consumers to products that are even worse than those that do cost more. The worst thing is that people start to eat more sugar or more light products such that we would not really know what affects our health.  It's about giving people some healthier alternatives to these obvious unhealthy foods,”
he says.

The largest price increases will be on items such as butter, oils and fatty dairy products like cream and sour cream.
But all foods containing more than 2.3 percent of the unhealthy, saturated fats, are to become more expensive - everything from meat to cookies and prepared foods.

Calculations that interest organizations such in the Agriculture and related industry have commissioned shows that fat fee for a Danish family with two children will go up to about Dkr1000 extra per year.
By Scancomark.se Team

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