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The Danish family kidnapped by Somali pirates sees their health gradually deteriorating

Sunday, 08 May 2011
The Danish family kidnapped by Somali pirate on the 24 February as they sail their boat around the world are now experiencing intense dangerous deteriorating health situation. 

The Quist Johansen family, the mother and daughter have fallen ill, according to Somalia Report, from sources that have been in contact with the pirates. The 13-year-old girl vomits profusely and has fever and can not eat or drink as she should. Her mother suffers from skin problems such that she needs medication for it.

The Danish was kidnapped on February 24 when they were on a round the world trip on their little sailing boat. The family is kept on board the Greek ship MV Dover. Previously they were kept separated from each other, but now they been joined together in one place.

Although mother and daughter had been ill for over two weeks, the pirates allow no doctor on board because "they can not trust anyone," said one of the pirates who call himself Farah to Somalia Report.

According to him, the only way out for the family to family and friends back home in Denmark is to pays ransom of five million dollars that is some Dkr31 million.
“The only problem is that the family's relatives just want to pay $1.3 million which is not enough, "said Farah to Somalia Report.

Time is running out even for pirates. The Greek ship, where the family is held prisoner on is to be released next week, according to Somalia Report. The pirates may then have to move the Danes in to the country, which means more risk because the local security forces in Somalia coastal area has recently expanded its coverage both at sea and on land.
By Scancomark.se Team

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