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Danish Security Service warns of race war in Denmark

Thursday, 17 November 2011
They are few, but they are about to arm themselves and receive military training abroad. Danish right-wing extremists are preparing for race war, warns the Danish security service PET.

In a new report on the people on the extreme right-wing writing PET to some of the extremists have not discouraged, but rather inspired by the Norwegian summer's terrorist attacks, the report says.

PET has made "a lot of inquiries," and kept "preventive talks" with some of the extremists, adds the report.

Any link with the mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, PET has not been able to identify.

PET considers that you have pretty good knowledge of the extremists that consists of a variety smaller and between rival groups.

PET, however notes that the former right-wing extremist acts is carried out just by very small groups or “lone wolves”.

PET is now sharpening control over who buys fertilizer and make sure that it  is actually used  for intended purpose.
Another important measure was to gain better knowledge and control over what happens on the internet in terms of the extreme right-wing tendencies.

“We want to focus on the prevention of hate crimes which has an extremist background in cooperation with the country's police and a number of authorities and organizations,” explains the PET chief, Jakob Scharf.

He adds that “We must become better able to detect these crimes and acts early in relation to people who become radicalized and moves into the extremist direction.”

Work on the report started immediately after the terrorist attack in Norway on 22nd July, which claimed 77 lives in Oslo and at Utya.
By Scancomark.se Team

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