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Criminal motorcycle gangs are growing exponentially in Finland

Monday, 31 October 2011
Motor cycle criminal gang, Hells Angels and Bandidos are growing rapidly in Sweden’s eastern neighbours. The gangs are seeing the Baltics  as a sought after destination for them to establish their criminal activities, but also in Finland, the biker gangs have become more and more aggressive in recent months - not least in the cases of extortion.

A report on radio Sweden supposes that it is a good and easy way for them to make money, and there are many such cases in Finland. The problem is that the victims do not go to police because they fear reprisals, according to Chief Inspector Jussi Oksanen of Finland's National Bureau of Investigation who spoke to radio Sweden.

Jussi Oksanen displays images on the computer about what has happened to the victims of extortion who have gone to the police - a cut finger, with the word snitch carved on the forehead and one who was found murdered.

In just a few years the number of criminal motorcycle gangs has increased sharply in Finland.
Bandidos has grown from one department to a total of 23 – plus all its various subgroups, according to radio Sweden.

Hells Angels on their part has not increased the number of sub gangs, but the number of members and also in some months ago, it started a support group - Bad Machine 81 - in charge of drug trafficking on the streets and carry out violent crimes against those to speak ill of Hells Angels, according to Finnish National Bureau of Investigation which has just made a crackdown on the group and found both drugs as weapons.

Even the local Finnish criminal motorcycle gang, Canon Ball has grown substantially.
In recent years, the Hells Angels and Bandidos have also established itself in the Baltic countries.
One important factor, not least, is its proximity to Russia and the great market there for both drugs and weapons.

In Finland, the criminal market - with drug trafficking and illegal weapons is divided into three parts - one for each biker gangs, according to radio Sweden who correspondence travelled in Finland to take a look.

“As the biker gangs have grown, it has also led to increased crime and an increased risk of gang wars” said Chief Inspector Jussi Oksanen.
“It is always a risk of conflict as there is increased activity in the same area, and then the risk is that they end up in disputes and take up arms,” says biker gang expert Jussi Oksanen at the Central Criminal Police to radio Sweden.
By Scancomark.se Team


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