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Sex abuse of children rife in Swedish Catholic church
Saturday, 26 February 2011
Swedish Catholic Church confirms that three priests abused children for sex between the years of 1940 and 1970. In the cases of the children abused, two boys were molested and in another a girl was abused in a case that saw children sexually molested in the house of God by the Men of God.

In another case a priest molested two sisters and was also in a relationship with their mother according to reports from an internal investigation carried out, according to the Swedish Catholic Episcopate.

The confessions hold that abuses took place in orphanages, youth camps according to the investigation carried out by the Catholic Church itself. On the whole it showed that three boys and two girls were victims of sex crimes by three priests in the Catholic Church services in Sweden.

“We have been very hard on ourselves and turned on all the rocks to find testimonials and anything else that can confirm what happened, "said Fredrik Emanuelson, spokesman and bishop's vicar in the Stockholm Catholic Diocese.
One of the priests is no longer alive. In another of the confirmed cases the priest's identity remains unclear. The third priest denies the allegations. He is still a priest but stopped active service in the mid 1990's when he turned 65.
"This is a problem in the Catholic Church and we want to demonstrate our commitment to the issue. The abuse is a heinous crime that causes lifelong suffering," said the spokesman of the Catholic Church.
The Church has had none of the victims making any claim for damages. However, the Church has entered into a partnership with Association of families of sexually abused children. That organization will receive a larger sum of money, the amount undisclosed. This will help them operate an emergency telephone and other support for child who are victims of sex offenses today.

The investigation began last year and the church contacted the Children's Ombudsman (BO) and the Ministry of Social Affairs with the Minister being G�ran H�gglund. The aim was to get support and some form of clearance to carry the instigative work. However, there was no form of support from both the BO and the government. This was surprising to the investigators who thought that child abuse was a societal problem that would see all forces coming together to stamp it out.
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