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Chaos in Stockholm Underground leads to panic and emergency escapes – 5 injured

Saturday, 19 November 2011
On Saturday morning there was a train crashed in the Stockholm subway which the train seem to have crashed into something on the track between Sankt Eriksplan  and Fridhemsplan..

According to various Swedish media reports, this led to a type of explosion and burning with the underground filled with smoke all over the place. Many people were evacuated some of them a Swedish television employees.

The accident site has been evacuated and five people taken to the hospital for smoke damage.
According to the emergency services there were a hundred people on board the metro train which is reported to have caught fire.


Some eye witnesses that spoke to the press said that the first carriage threw open and there were flames outside the window. It flashed and then later came smoke into the wagon.

On there whole the eye witness said that it was quiet in the wagon. “First a few passengers came on the track but they were called back by the driver,” she said.

She also adds that the mood was pretty quiet even though the carriage quickly filled with smoke.

According to Swedish television, there are reports that some people taken to hospital.
“People started to spontaneous evacuation through both stations, and we take them out via Fridhemsplan,” saysspokes person of the Stockholm police.

Firefighters who have been down in the tunnel is it has been established that there is smoke there.
“Something has burned the subway train that got stuck in the tunnel,” said fire department incident commander Mats Körner to swedist television.

According to the police assessment, there don’t seem to be any crimes behind the fire and therefore there wouldn’t be any criminal investigation to be open.
By Scancomark.se Team

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