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Chaos in Gothenburg, Sweden after enormous Jupiter-like  storm

Saturday, 10 December 2011
Rescue Services in Gothenburg have had it hectic during and after Friday's storm. Cars are stuck in the water masses, roof of buildings ravaged and trees fallen across the streets. A woman was seriously injured after driving into a flooded slump over a viaduct. Yet on Saturday, many streets had been blocked due to flooding.

Friday's storms with strong winds and rain caused major problems in Gothenburg, as elsewhere in western Sweden. Swedish met office, the SMHI issued a class-two warning for very high down pour and run off.

Early on Saturday morning it had reached climax, when the water level was 146 centimetres above normal, a situation which means that the sea water reaches the street level in many places.

A lot of places are flooded. Several vehicles stuck in the water, both trucks and cars, said Assistant police officer Lars-Gunnar Gustafsson  Västra Götaland police to Swedish daily Dagen Nyheter on Saturday morning.

Still at lunchtime, many streets in Gothenburg were blocked due to flooding. Rescue Service warns of large quantities of water at the exit of the motor way E45 towards Slakthusgatan as such the road is closed.

Rescue Service in the city has had a very busy night.
“There have been many events throughout the night with loose items that wind around and water damaged,” says Lars Larsson of the rescue centre.

On Friday evening, several motorists drove down into the deep water under a viaduct on Slakthusgatan and a 53-year-old woman was seriously injured.

The bridge, Älvsborgsbron over the entrance to Gothenburg was shut down on Friday after hurricane strength measured in gusts, but the bridge reopened just before midnight. Also Götatunel in central Gothenburg was closed eastbound but opened 10:30 on Saturday.

At Arendal airport, a large cargo container was blown over, and from several places in the Gothenburg area, it has been reported that roofs had been blown down, reports the daily, Göteborgs-Posten.

Later on Saturday, the water began to slowly decline, according to SMHI. Warning level was graded down from two to one.
By Scancomark.se Team

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