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Celebrate Swedish citizenship in a grand ceremony: Proposed a Swedish Minister

Monday, 16 January 2012
Desperate Swedish government continues to seek measures to improve cultural or racial integration in the country by coming up with various suggestions.
The latest one is that proposed by the Swedish integration minister, Erik Ullenhagin which he wants to appoint a commission to study how citizenship can be improved and used as a tool for integration.

The investigation should include proposing the design of ceremonies for the new Swedish citizens.

He uses successful immigration countries such as Canada, USA and Australia, to point that ceremonies are held to welcome new citizens who have gained citizenship in those countries.

Writing in the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet's debate page the minister point out vehemently that Sweden is not and should not be reduced to a collection of different ethnic or religious enclaves living in parallel worlds without mutual contact.

He adds that “a society that wants to develop must have the courage to discuss, review and uphold its values, dare to take the conflict and debate on the desirability. In the quest for community and better integration, it is time that we in Sweden should begin to see citizenship as an important part of the integration process.”

Integration is Sweden is pretty poor when compared to other countries and immigrants the Swedes don like are alienated and accused of fomenting criminality in the country.  In areas where there is high concentration of immigrants, there is hardly a Swede living along side.

As such Sweden is one of the least integrated countries in the developed world though the country has been having an increasing array of immigrants in the pas 10 to 20 years.

But the question is if the Swedish people don’t love to integrate with “certain strange people,” no amount of ceremony will change that. Integration and acceptance is not an issue of ceremony but of the people accepting that difference is what make the world or communities great.
By Scancomark.se Team

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