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British hypocrisy exposed in nationwide rioting?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011
Britain a leading industrial economy and the supposedly champion in the way we humans should live in this world have fallen apart since Friday last week with London coming under intense fire. As the arrogant government of David Cameron have rushed in from their holiday to come and boost police presence. But no one is really talking about the cause or causes and seeking solutions.

Britain in a deeply divided country, economically, racially, culturally and even divided at the level of oratory. If one listens to the radio, to stations such as the London’s biggest conversation, one would get the sense of how this country operates and how people, politicians and the radio hosts think.
One of the main views which reflect the way affluent British people see the way their country is going at the moment is that the black population is responsible for the rioting – although looking at the television pictures one sees both whites and blacks alike looting and even stealing from those who are injured. The racial bias exhibited is one of the cardinal factors driving the country down.

The believe that the black population is the laziest and unproductive, because they have the highest level of unemployment in the county, has blinded the government who failed to note that there are other sectors of the society who are just like the black people. Therefore, when spending cuts where imposed to hit the black population more, ironically that hit the other sectors of the white population and this led to a culmination of ager across the board.

But the big issue in this, which the politician and commentators would not agree is police brutality and selection. The British police, unlike believe, count more on their success to the level of disruption they can impose of the lives of the black people. Although this is carried out to counter increased stabbing and shooting and similar crimes within the black community, the stop and search, as they call it here has gone out of hand.

The hypocrisy shown by the British government and authorities has just swollen to explosion and now there are calls to throw all the rioters to prison and lock them for a long time. Those who call for such action don’t even know the cost of keeping prisoners or the cost for Britain in the future when many young people will have criminal records and would not be able to get a job. This will increase criminality and make Britain uncertain. Therefore, those who love the UK should think about it with care before fully making a move here.

As Britain continues to boom Afghanistan, Libya and the likes while also condemning mass killings in Syria the question emerging is how Britain is a proper example to the world on how to nurture the young population to the future. Is Britain capable of developing its own population from all the sectors of its society to go through all the stages of human development as preached by them, in practice? Racism is deeply entrenched in the UK unlike believe – for those of us in the Scandinavia and   

Causes of British rioting,
Police brutality – stop and search, particularly within the black youths.  
Social break down in which parents could not control their children thanks to government social policy which gives power to students and children and no rights for parents to discipline their children.
Massive underclass in the UK – generation of persons stay on benefits and people who have never had a day’s jobs and develop a family while on benefits.

Heavy reliance or calls for heavy punishments rather than understanding root cause of why the rioters decided to engage in the activities. The state does not listen to the sectors of the community that are classed as those in social and economic distress example, Tottenham, Hackney and related are all areas of low social and economic class in the London area.

High level of unemployment among the youths even graduates who feel that they have no future. This is why many of them went on rioting despite the government promising very strong punishment if caught.
Heavy immigration, cheap foreign labour flowing into the country undercutting home labour, as well as very high cost of living. Employers find it cheaper to employer cheaper labour from Eastern Europe and keep on blaming local graduate for having low work moral as a pretext not to employ them – who tend to be more expensive and will require employers to pay for all the pecks such as insurances and extra taxes.

Weak and arrogant political leadership of the Davis Cameron’s government which has no idea about how the common man lives. Its government has carried out intense austerity measures targeting mostly services that affect the lower classes while giving more kickbacks to the top class.

All this is happening when the police complaints commission indicate that the black man who was shot dead last week did not fire a bullet.
By Scancomark.se Team

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