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British divide deepens as Afghan – style warlord could created in the name of vigilante groups

Thursday, 11 August 2011
As the crisis in the UK continues from violence to a more philosophical and physiological mode, vigilante groups have emerged claiming to protect himself and their properties from looters and anarchists.  The fear now is that warlord may emerge in the country.

Their grounds for this is that the police reaction to the violence had been on a snail pace and also, likely, the police have limited resources to protect them and their resources as the government’s authority lead to cut resources of resources for the police.

Therefore last night, there were these vigilantes out following other, particularly people from the Turkish and Indians (Sikh) communities which were out the nigh before. Some critic have argued that Britain is going down the route of lawless places such as Afghanistan where war lord control contain regions and this can lead to a growth in permanent racial and cultural divides in the UK.

One evidence leading to this view is that that riot police were hit with missiles including bottles as more than 1,000 officers battled with dozens of middle-aged men on the streets of Eltham, south-east London, last nigh,  according to the British news paper, the Telegraph.
The paper adds that witnesses reported that many of the 200 men were chanting in support of the English Defence League, the controversial Right-wing group.

The group had promised to defy police orders and mobilise their own forces to protect their families and businesses from mobs of looters. Last night hundreds of police from eight separate forces tried to restore calm from the mainly white men, continued the paper.

Earlier they had claimed they were “protecting” local shops and businesses for a second consecutive night. With shops and pubs in the high street shut, the group brought carrier bags containing beer and drank and sat on benches most sources claims.

Riot police eventually restored order after charging at the crowd. At least one person was arrested.
Around 60 EDL supporters had gathered in the square in the town drinking cans of beer and chanting "We love you England".
“Officers had missiles thrown at them this evening,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said.
“Police have dealt with the disorder and the group has been dispersed. Police remain on the scene.”
Local police denied the group were comprised of EDL members.
But furious locals vented their anger at what they described as “outsider vigilantes” arriving in the area and sparking fights, particularly with police.

According to the Guardian newspaper, in Dalston, north-east London, on Monday night, hundreds of business owners in Kingsland Road, the majority of them Turkish and Kurdish, gathered on the street to "protect" their properties from looters, "because the police, they can do nothing".

In Southall, to the west, the following night, scores of Sikh men gathered outside their temple – but also, reportedly, a mosque and a Hindu temple – for the same reason. While elderly community leaders were among them, a number of others stood at temple doors holding baseball bats, spears and other make up weapons.

At the same time, in Dudley Road, Birmingham, residents of Winson Green had gathered on the streets for the same reason when a car was driven at speed by a 32-year-old African- Caribbean man, killing three young Asian men. But despite speculation, there is scant evidence to suggest race or ethnicity has played any significant part in the rioting and looting taking place across England

As race might be gradually being discounted as responsible for the looting and disorder, the British government’s inability to protect businesses and the safety of residence is very worrying and is calling for groups to start building up their defences.  The police have cried out that no vigilante groups are recognised and that those groups are disrupting police work but this is just a foul cry as business owners feel that they are not protected. This is also how the warlords in Afghanistan, Pakistan and similar emerged.
By Scancomark.se Team

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