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British Royalty visit Sweden to help us learn more about Social and cultural Integration and Environmental protection

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
British Royalty, Prince Charles and his wife and Duchess Camilla are travelling around Scandinavia on the behalf of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth. In Stockholm they were seen around Fryshuset, "Vasa" and Saltå mill where they were visiting.

They came in from Norway on Thursday at lunch time and will continue on to Denmark on Saturday.
“The program in Sweden reflects Prince Charles interest in sustainable development, climate and social and cultural inclusion,” said Paul Johnston, Britain's ambassador in Stockholm.

The public's best chances to get a glimpse of the visiting royals are probably outside of the Vasa Museum, at eleven o'clock on Saturday morning.

Prince Charles has been in Sweden for private visits before, but this time he and Camilla are Swedish Royal couple's guests and the visit is official. They will live at the castle and have dinner at the Drottningholm Palace on Friday night. The Ambassador, Johnston could not tell if they will get to meet the Crown Princess and little new born Estelle.

When the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall dropped down at the airport, they took a  look at a Jas Gripen fighter planes in a hangar and get an overview of the Swedish mission in Libya.

On Thursday afternoon, the Prince visited Fryshuset together with Queen Silvia and Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt to study how to create hope for the future for young people and in the evening, he’ll have reception at their residence.

On Friday, Queen Silvia and Camilla will devote their time at an international school in Djursholm and a kindergarten in Stockholm. The King and the Prince Charles will be to the Stockholm Resilience Center which conducts research on social-ecological systems, and after he’ll have lunch at the palace.

Prince Charles interest in organic farming is well known, and after the "Vasa" visit the British will be guests at Saltå mill in Järna along with the Royal couple. Then they’ll fly from Skavsta airport to Copenhagen.
By Scancomark.se Team

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