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Black Finnish rappers in the spotlight resisting the violent growing racial slurs in the country

Thursday, 19 January 2012
The annual Finnish Emma gala takes place on Friday, rewarding the most successful Finnish music of the past year. English-language hip-hop from artists with immigrant backgrounds is this year's hot tip.

A survey of industry figures by YleX and Rumba magazine found many saying that 2012 is likely to be a breakthrough year for a new generation of English-language Finnish rappers. The Congolese-Finn Gracias (real name Deogracias Masomi) is inspired by transatlantic sounds.

"My main influences are basically 90s New York rap,” he told YLE News.
“That's what I really like, the basis of it. The really sampled, really raw sound of New York. The really lyrical sound, that's mainly what I grew up on and that's what I get all my influences from."

The much-hyped rappers are often New Finns, that is, Finnish people with a background in another culture. Daco Junior was born in Angola, while Noah Kin has roots in Nigeria.
Gracias has lived in Finland for 20 years and speaks a variety of languages. He chose to make music in English at an early stage.
"It really came naturally, it was a really natural choice for me to start rapping in English. It was kind of an easy way for me to express my feelings and write it down."
News source: Yle Finland

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