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An increasing number of young homeless in Sweden

Friday, 23 September 2011
More and more children and young people are getting homeless in Sweden and sleeping rough. The City of Stockholm’s City Mission is now sending alarms and calling for the parliament and the government to takes this problem seriously.

The Swedish drive into pure capitalism under the bourgeois government means that social services are either being privatised for companies to make financial gains from or those companies are inefficient in meeting the demand for social services such as housing for the young.

The aim of therefore for the calls for the government to act is redesigned such that the young homeless people will get a personal representative who can assist them in their dealings with the authorities.

No one knows exactly how many young people are out there homeless but they can be seen sleeping rough ion the streets of Stockholm and the main other cities. The report by the City mission will be made to the state parliament every Swedish municipality that they may see an increase in children and young people in homelessness

“It's about an entire community, where we see that it is harder for young people to establish themselves in adulthood. Housing and employment policies are more of a concerned in this way, but also how to design the welfare and support system we have in Sweden. They have become more complex. People in vulnerable situations are today very hard to make their voices heard and get the help system that is tailored for them,” says Mary Markovits, director of Stockholm's City Mission.

Many of the young people who are homeless are said to have come from an unsafe home situation characterise by violence and abuse. Either they have run away or have been thrown out. Many don’t know where and who to turn to and they dare not contact social services.

One of the City Mission wishes is to sets up personal representative with the government.
“For young people who are homelessness, i.e., those 14-20 year olds, need special assistance in meeting with authorities in order to describe their situation and really get the help they need. Therefore, I suggest that one should set up personal representative,” said Maria Markovits to Swedish television news program rapport.

This is how Sweden has changed from a country where social equality was the norm to the American style economy where social services are there for the powerful and influential. Sweden is gradually loosing its place as the leader in the world for the provision of quality life for its youth. What a shame!
By Scancomark.se Team

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