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African Swedes calls for the departure a Swedish Minister

Tuesday, 17 April 2012
A voice that is hardly heard in Sweden until it touches race related issue has roared some what in a string way. The Afro Swedes, the Association of Swedish people with black skin have called for the resignation of the Swedish Culture minister, Lena Adelsohn Roth. This was because she, according to the union, participated in a "tasteless racist manifestations."

They claim that Adelsohn Roth participated in the celebration of World Art Day of April 15 in which the activity, cut up a cake, which depicted a naked black woman, was carried out with the blessing of the minister.

According to the representative of the association, Afro Swedes said that by taking part in the cake cutting ceremony which was a racist caricature of a black woman, symbolised racist tendencies against the black race in the country. But according to the Modern Museum, where the activities took place, the intention was to problematize female circumcision.

“To say that you did this in an honourable way amplifies only the mockery of people who suffer from racism and against women who are victims of circumcision, says Kitimbwa Sabuni, who is spokesperson for Afro Swedes' Association.

“You can not see how it benefits those people to degrade them in this way with racist caricatures in this kind of mocking spectacle,” says Kitimbwa Sabuni.
As such Afro Swedes' Association is urging that culture minister to resign that she lacks the skills to operate in a country that has different races represented in the community.
By Scancomark.se Team

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