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A black African boy forced by white Swedish classmates to play slave – but ended up being sentenced for assault

Friday, 03 June 2011
A black African refugee boy was forced to play the roles of a slave in a school history drama on slavery and slave trade in a school in Sundsvall, Sweden. The boy was not happy about the role but persistence from his classmates to play the role made him upset and punched a classmate. Then he ended up being sentenced for assault.

The Swedish newspaper Dagbladet.se which carried the news, reports that slaves and slave trade was on schedule as a topic for the class and the teacher wanted to make the course or lectures or teaching more practical. So he called on the students to work on their own, role-playing and then left the classroom.


The first question being asked is if the teacher is aware of the sensitivity of slavery and slave trade issues in Sweden these days given that the topic had sparked big talks in Sweden in the recent months after such fiasco erupted in Lund. Did he foresee the tension that was building up and allowed the students to sort it out themselves?

This is because according to the report, the day before the presentation or drama, a couple of students wrote that "negro is equal to the slave". This made the black African refugee boy upset. But it looks like the teacher did not realise that or he must have realised it but just ignored to watch a better drama unfold. Report adds that the teacher was uninterested in supervising the roles to be played by each student.

Dagbladet.se reports that it was too much for the already violated boy who then hit his classmate. The paper also notes that the boy who was hit sustained very light injury but the “African boy” still received lots of "noisy altercation".

The boy who was hit reported the matter to her mother who then reported the issue to the police. The police arrested the young African and he was taken to court to be tried for being a ‘slave negro’ and hitting a slick Swedish boy.

Dagbladet.se also add that although the district court considered the role-playing concept to be inappropriate, as well as the absent of the teacher who was supposed to be supervising and determining how the process for going on, the refugee boy was sentenced for assault to 20 hours of youth service.

This is our Sweden and it is hard to comment on any of these thing but just to watch. After all, as a black African, after more than 60 years of independence from the ‘European masters’ the African still cannot call their continent home. There, they have no future as human beings or as part of a type of sector of their society. Then they look at the ‘civilised’ Europe or Sweden for support, Here they are taken back to the times of slavery and colonisation. 
By Scancomark.se Team

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