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The real irresponsibility of some Swedish companies shown in reality. State own rail company sacrifices eleven year old for not having a ticket- What a shame?

Wednesday, 03 August 2011
The attitude of some Swedish big companies have been exposed in earnest as the state own rail company, SJ, had to throw out an eleven year old off the train in to the wilderness for not having a ticket. Meanwhile the girl had her ticket but it was with her sister who had gone to the toilet.

Some time last year we wrote that many Swedish companies have very bad customer services based on various forms of surveys and comparisons with other companies in different countries. Swedish big companies have shown how they are... very arrogant and do not listen to the cries of their customers.

This is a classic example where an 11 years old child is thrown out of the train, in the wilderness for not having a train ticket. The first question that comes to mind is how much will this particular ticket contribute to the huge profit the company could not make and how much goes to the chief executive’s very exorbitant salary. This is very shameful and some of these types of Swedish companies should bury their head down in shame.


The eleven year-old girl after being thrown out went missing and apparently her sister who came out of the toilet called the police to report the issue and a search for her started. She was thrown out of an SJ train in a place known as Kumla last night and was later found as she stood weeping on a railway underpass according to, Gabrielle Ehnemark, who found the girl.

For the whole night of Wednesday, the police have been searching for the eleven-year-old girl, and in the morning, the police said that she was found and unharmed. The girl was found on Wednesday by Gabrielle Ehnemark living in Kumla.

The girl - who was on his way from �rebro to Gothenburg - was thrown off the train in Kumla when she could not produce a ticket. The ticket being requested had been with her older sister who was in the toilet. The controller not willing to listen chucked her out of the train believing that she was some hippie youth who could not afford a train ticket...or what?

The company, SJ is reported to have regretted the incident this morning and said the conductor who threw the girl out had acted wrong.
“The staff have made a mistake and acted improperly. One should not reject an underage person at a station when there is no person from us or someone else in place that can take care of him or her,” says Torvald Svahn, press officer at SJ  to Swedish television news program Rapport.
Who know how many young people have been thrown out of the train in the past but could not report because they where alone? The police say this could be investigated as a crime and the Swedish crime prosecutors could be invited to look into it.
By Scancomark.se Team

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