Political stalemate and crisis persist in Finnish government formation


Tuesday, 07 June 2011
There is a growing difficulty of the Finnish political parties to forms a government since the election a month ago in which most of the political parties did not win comfortable majority to command more powers to call the shots. Talks and negotiations between the political parties have gone into crisis mode

The Finnish Social Democrat party chair Jutta Urpilainen says that the party is no longer necessarily bound by the agreement on eurozone bailouts it made with the National Coalition about a month ago. The agreement is still in force for now, but may not be if the SDP remains outside government.

Right now the parliamentary group chairmen are discussing how government negotiations will continue and the worry is if the Coalition Party leader, Jyrki Katainen, could be able to continue her attempts to form a government.

The new crisis arose yesterday when the Center Party was invited to government negotiations and the Greens chose to step down on the ground that they did not want to sit in a government that has the same base as the outgoing.

There is also question over the Centre Party demands that the True Finns be also invited to the new government negotiations. Centre party leader Mari Kiviniemi explains that the True Finns were the real election winner, even though they were not the largest party.


Kiviniemi believe that the True Finns was what people wanted in the election and therefore it makes sense if the largest party and the election winner work together in government.

The True Finns party leader, Timo Soini, agrees that it can be possible that his party be part if the government but it will depend on the way people will agree on EU issues. It should be recalled that the True Finns are against the EU and EU bailouts. Therefore on should expect that as Finland agreed to provide funds for Portuguese bailout, the True Finns could demand that the agreement be quashed if they would held avert Finland’s political crisis by joining a government.
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