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Could the Swedish Social Democrats leader, Löfven touch a vital point about the Swedish youth employment situation? For him, “The government does not believe in young”.

Saturday, 14 April 2012
There seem to be something important in what the Swedish opposition leader of the Social Democrats Party, Stefan Löfven, said yesterday when he addressed his party congress. He said that Swedish government does not take the youth important. This has to be the factor responsible for the exploding youth unemployment, growing so high in the country.

This phenomenon has not been observed only in Sweden. Actually some leading EU countries such as Britain face the problem with high youth unemployment and this has been blamed on government policy.
As the Social Democrats have been leading in the polls of late after pointing out this problem associated with youth unemployment and they’ll want that momentum to be maintained by all means. "I will not rest until we have a Social Democrat government back in place," the party leader said while addressing the Party’s Congress in Helsingborg, Southern Sweden.

Speaking to a crowd of supported who have now accepted that the party have found its real great leader, he was met with standing ovations most of the time he spoke. The speech was all about jobs. Jobs and restore the jobs.
“After six years the beginning of the bourgeois glued has now stared to crack. We are going backwards rather than forward,” said Stefan Löfven.

 Youth unemployment in Sweden is very high and the Social Democrat leader stated that the government does not believe in youth. This is why the government has done nothing in its tow terms to try and make the youths ready to the country for the future.

According to Mr. Stefan Löfven when the country has a sound public finances, a good job policy supposed to be in place to reflect an industrial policy worthy of the name and a labour market and education policies that allow the young people to take the jobs that exist.

“One fifth of the companies refuse to order today because they do not have the manpower required, whereas youth remain unemployed and untrained” he said. Government policy should be blamed for this phenomenon.
The premise is held that the government which has been driven by powerful business lobby has turn a blind eye on the struggles of the youth in the job market and have allowed employers to encourage the flood of cheap labour across from the new EU countries.

These cheap labour force is good for the employers as they spend very little to train them. Hence the companies pay their workers cheap and make huge money while leaving the youth lacking access to practical experience in their traditional areas such as hotel, restaurant sector as well as other industries where youth traditionally had holiday jobs or part time after school work. The lack of this contact because cheaper migrants labour has taken them make its that the young people will stay out and companies will pressure the government that the youth lack the skills they want.  

The opposition leader thus could be on something ignored by many of the bourgeoisies’ governments’ parries in places such as the UK, Denmark and Sweden.
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