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…the reasons why she resigned as Moderate party secretary was...– I mean Sofia Arkelsten

Friday, 20 April 2012
The Swedish Conservative party – Moderates have struggled to keep regeneration and development of new proposals that can get through parliament. Therefore Sofia Arkelsten was forced to leave according to Swedish business dialy, Dagens Industri.

Earlier today Friday, the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, announced that Sofia Arkelsten had resigned from her position as party secretary, after only a year and a half years.

"Party Secretary has an important role in keeping the ideological work alive. And if you look at the past year it has been difficult for Moderates to pin or spin their conservative ideology   and maintain the political momentum expected," said Jonas Hinnfors, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg, to Dagens Industri.

Fredrik Reinfeldt said on Friday that Sofia Arkelsten want a different direction in her life and to work with other political issues. 
"It is clear that Arkelsten was forced to abandon her mission, "said Jonas Hinnfors.
Sofia Arkelsten replaced Per Schlingmann as party secretary for the Conservatives in October 2010 and during his short time she has got into more trouble than any one could recall.

"It's hard to say how Arkelsten acted internally, but we can see how she acted externally. And then, it has been shaky, she has found it difficult to communicate in a way that inspires complete confidence, "said Jonas Hinnfors.

As an example, he tours around the Moderates idea program where Arkelsten erroneously claimed that her party was that which co-introduced the free and equal suffrage. She has also been criticized for an invitation to travel to France with the oil company Shell.

"The ideological idé discussion  with voters has not worked very well, she has found it difficult to convince, "says Jonas Hinnfors.

The successor Kent Persson, Mayor of Orebro, stressed during Friday's press conference that the importance is of continuing to renew the party. According to Jonas Hinnfors Conservatives must find a strategy that works within the current parliamentary situation, where the alliance lacks a majority in parliament.

"If Kent Persson is able to trigger the thinking that will help ministers and others within the party to find new openings so there may be some quick increase in popularity, "said Jonas Hinnfors.

"It does not work to bring new jobs tax credit, which will not go through parliament. You have to develop concrete proposals that can be implemented based on the framework we have today, "he continues according to Dangens Industri.
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