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The clash of two opposing economic views ends with "The budget is surprisingly slim"

Tuesday, 17 April 2012
The Swedish Social Democrat party has identified one key area of the economy which it will use to pounce on the government with – the growing unemployment in the country and it seems to be Woking.

This, because the government which has been very popular in the past years and months have suddenly start having problems convincing the population that they are a government that can provide a ways of life to the people that will lead them to prosperity.  It is hard to find a job in Sweden and it is also hard to start a business despite the government standing on the side and saying that they are for the business side of the economy.

But in a clash that saw like the finance minister, Anders Borg chatting with the Social Democrat’s economic spokes person, Magdalena Andersson, the Social Democrats ask for one thing: How can the government bring down unemployment in a surprisingly slim budget, which looks more like a business report on what has already been made.

This was the description the Social Democrats' economic policy spokesperson Magdalena Andersson gave Finance Minister Anders Borg's budget proposal in last nights televised debate.

But, Borg gave the same answer as he gave in Parliament earlier yesterday – that Sweden must hold money and be better prepared if times get worse.  “We can secure Sweden if we keep remain in the margins,” said Borg.

The main message from the Social Democrats was that Sweden should reallocate money to combat youth unemployment. Magdalena Andersson criticized the government for inaction. Exactly how the party wants to redistribute fiscal resources, however, was an unanswered question in the debate last night.

“I am surprised that the government imposed such a small budget. It is more like a business directory,” said Andersson, who has called for concrete measures to combat youth unemployment.

“Young people with dreams and hopes risk facing a tough reality of the labour market.”
Borg referred to the future.
"I do not think there is a real spring bill. I'm a bit surprised that the government put on such a small budget. It's a little more of an investigative catalogue and annual report of what has already been done than how to overcome the problems we have in Sweden today, "she said.

Mr Borg referred to the autumn budget and said the government will present proposals for things including infrastructure and research as well as other measures to drive down youth unemployment.

“We will tackle the fundamental problem and bring down the threshold and create better conditions for employment,” said Borg, who did not give any further information on the proposed investments.

On the issue that Social Democrats in a change of government in 2014 are prepared to scrap the government's earned income tax,  Andersson said that she was not up to date with tax increases for ordinary wage earners, however, she ruled that she was not a scrapped the earned income tax credit for those with incomes over a million Krona.

She also took the opportunity to provide the Government with information that the reduced VAT for restaurants and the halved employer contributions for the young has not given any effect.
“It's a very expensive measure. We want to use the money for unemployed youth,” said Anderson.
Borg turn gave the news that further reductions in income taxes is not likely in the near future, because there is insufficient space in the state budget to pay for it.

Borg also warned the Social Democrats of the dark question of future tax increases. He believes that a Social Democratic government is based on support from the Left Party and Green Party and, according to Borg, they will require broad tax increases.

“A democratic basic requirement is that you tell before the election about where and which area you want to raise taxes,” said Borg.

Magdalena Andersson, told Borg that it is wrong to talk about the parliamentary situation of 2014
“We have problems today. I think that viewers are more interested in what steps you should adopt here and now.”
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