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Racism rock British police a new confirmation that black people are still the undesirable modern western societies

Friday, 06 April 2012
What ever wrong the black man has done that has made them persistently hated by the white folks will be left to posterity. Up till today, its confirm that all efforts in the past periods of human evolution to accept that, though there could not be any likeness between black and white people; there should be some co – existence seem to have been reversed.

What threat does a black man pose to the white man? All studies carried out by white Scholars have shown that the black people lags behind the white people when it comes IQ and even their DNA studies have shown that the Blackman is of no match to the white man in terms of reasoning, creativity and to live a decent life. Thus why is there this unexplained fear within the white folks about the black people?

In the United States, the UN human rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, has called for the immediate start of a thorough investigation of the high-profile cases in which a black skinned American teenager was shot dead in the street and the white skinned American,  28-year-old Zimmerman who hot him is allowed to walk free.

In the UK, the metropolitan police force  has always been deemed a fair and balanced  police force  in world  but it has now come under intense scrutiny after it emerge that black people in Britain have been racially tagged as crime – prone  and various forms of abuses have been heaped on them. 

For example the British Mark Duggan was shot dead just because of a try of unexplained fear that he was carrying a gun and that he could use on the police. Looking into history, one would see very limited cases where black people have attacked or even shot at the police in the UK.

In Finland we reported recently how Finland has become a very fearful place for a black skinned person to live because of the growth of racial name callings.

In Sweden, my home country, black people have also been taunted by the police. Bedsides being ignored, relegated to background and not included in the national discus, police use all they can openly or in the background to taunt them. It is even institutionalise here within the police curriculum to call black people what ever name they can. 

For example, in Malmö, Southern Sweden back in 2008, the police openly called black people niggers and according to local newspaper, Sydsvenskan, a course in sequestration was held for around fifty staff at the county police department in Malmö in the spring of 2008. The instructor displayed the names to be used in the course on a screen to depict back criminals. Among them were "Neger Niggersson" and "Oskar Neger". How many black people are there in Sweden – just some 0.001 percent of the population of 9 million people. But just this number create stir in the Swedish population.

The there came a situation where student at a university in Southern Sweden, Lund carried out a mock test of slavery and slave trade. It angered the garrison of Africans studying at the school. 

The process was that those pretending to be Africans were led in bound at the neck with a rope. They were led by another student posing as a slave trader. He held a simulated auction with the “African slaves” in front of a hundred or so people who placed bids for “the slaves”. One spectator asked the actors what it is they do. The answer was “I am a nigger”.

In the UK, eight Metropolitan Police officers and a civilian staff member have been suspended as the independent police complaint commission (IPCC) investigates complaints of racism against the force, reports that BBC.

The Met said an acting sergeant and two police constables in the London district of Newham had been suspended on Thursday over a claim of racist abuse after last year's London riots. This follows five more officers and a civilian staff member suspended within the past year over seven other complaints. In total, 20 officers are being investigated in relation to the 10 claims of racism.

All this issue of racism and the black people coming again to the fore has been attributed to the election of Barack Obama as US president. With the almost collapse of the George Bush government, Obama emerged as something the world has never thought about. Even the European politicians were beaten by his brightness and his campaign prowess. After the dust had settled, the American right wing started throwing rocks at glass houses.

Remember Glen Beck the Fox news anchor who said that Obama had deep rooted hate for the white man. Remember all the caricatures that where exhibited when the Americans right wing protested against Obama’s healthcare bill with some showing him as an Africa black magician. It has moved from there to various US politicians from the right calling him all sort of name promoting some authorities in the US to question the integrity of the American presidency under Obama.

In the UK, many commentators also sided with the American rights – one just had to listen to talk show on radio such as London Biggest conversation to confirm that. With the UK economy limping, they turned to an American economy that was growing under Obama saying that has reversed America cancelling his success.

Then florid of far right politics started becoming openly strong in Europe and Scandinavian with police taking the upper stage - the Sweden Democrats took hold of the Swedish parliament in a solid victory two year ago. Then the True Finns party won big in Finland and then, remember the killings in Utoya in Norway and the bombing of the Norwegian government quarter by a right wing activist, Anders Brevik Behring was anti immigration though not particularly targeting black people.     

There is no requirement that the black people should be loved by the white people and there is the need for the police to keep law and order and to protect all from crime.

After all these years it was though that harmony was beginning to emerge in the police – people relations and that the UK would stand out as that country which has liberated the  weak. But it turns out that the institutions here are as racist and hypocritical in very advanced manners that need advanced study. Why is the black man feared so much by the whiote folk and why can’t the progress made in the past year mentained?

 What will countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and all those hard line human right killing countries say?
By Team

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