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The Swedish opposition promised to create more jobs in the healthcare and pharmaceutical if it takes power

Friday, 27 April 2012
The Social Democrats, the party leader, Stefan Löfven, suggests in an article in Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet a program to create jobs in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. It will among other measures provide more resources for research in the sector which has seen its competitive advantage shrunk in the past years.

According to the Social Democrats, medical research in Sweden has weakened over time and the party would like to have a new program in what we call "life science", ie health care. State money will be allocated to such line of research, write the party leader Stefan Löfven in an article in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Besides more money the Social Democrats also have to review of the price system and compensation models, and that public procurement should be used to introduce new drugs and treatments.
The party did not identify lower starting salaries. "Instead, do we invest in employees through training and access to full-time work, "writes Stefan Löfven.
Apparently the Social Democrats are reacting to the growing loose of the competitive advantage Sweden is loosing to neighbours such as Denmark in the area of biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical and related research. While the Swedish part of sector that sector has been shrinking, that of Denmark has been booming with lost of smaller research house emerging here and there. The effect also in that Denmark has been attracting Swedish research and biotechnology scientist there.

Sweden obsessed with having its companies growing rather big that strategic – i.e. compete in terms of size rather than becoming a quality and price leader, is seeing that such strategy is not working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical biotechnology sector.

According to the social democrats, life science has to do with many different disciplines, including medicine, biology, engineering and chemistry. The purpose of the multidisciplinary activities is to generate knowledge to improve the lives and health.
“We need to combine health care with clinical research. Sweden has lost ground and we are lagging behind. There is a great need for such products and services” said Stefan Löfven.

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