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The Swedish government wants to cut corporation tax next autumn

Friday, 13 April 2012
Jobs, prosperity and competitiveness will be the core of the Swedish autumn budget. The government intends to improve job opportunities and entrepreneurship among young people through reducing payroll, start jobs or subsidized employment.

This was contained the government's four party publication on the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter debate page on Friday.

By eliminating tax associated with interest deductions, the government will have room for cutting corporation tax rate. To strengthen competitiveness, the Government will continue to present a clear focus on research and innovation. They also intend to submit a bill to Parliament in autumn 2012 on an investment in infrastructure.

The Government notes that the fall of 2011 was a turbulent time in Europe. The debt crisis deepened and we saw great turbulence in the financial markets. A new deep drop was expected. We also saw a protracted political turmoil, with periodic demonstrations around Europe and the new governments in the countries worst affected.

"The need for a solid foundation for security and welfare remains clear. We know from experience that the road back to fiscal stability and credibility are long and hard. It is the route that many European countries are now walking. The way Sweden will not risk fall back on, "the government.

Now as they formulate policy for the autumn budget, it can be concluded that the economic situation is considered to be such that there is need for broad-crisis measures. Now it's about using the limited scope for reform to measures that prevent unemployment becoming entrenched, to ensure a stable and broad-based recovery and reforms for a sustainable increase in employment and improve economic standards of vulnerable groups and strengthened welfare.

The government intends to improve job opportunities and entrepreneurship among young people. Employment prospects improved by interventions that strengthen demand and lower thresholds in the labour market of groups with weak foothold in the labour market, such as reduced payroll, start jobs or forms of subsidized employment. Through educational initiatives (for example, in Swedish) in vocational education and the pure basic education, the individual's skills enhanced and thereby the conditions for them to get work.

All this came after reports on radio Sweden yesterday held that employers were finding it hard to get skills whereas the number of youth in unemployment and  people with immigrant background is exploding in the country. It is there hard to understand how policies and the real issue on the ground works in Sweden.
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