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The Swedes continue to loose faith and support for their Royal family and the kingdom

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
The Swedish people continue to loose support and faith in their Royal family, a survey show. This comes after it was expected that for over a year now that the book critical of the king, “The Reluctant Monarch” was published that the Swedes would have moved on. It turns out that it has not been the case.

But after the Crown Princess's wedding and other events surrounding the kingdom in the way of building their public image has not helped the royal family re- emerged as favourite to the Swedish people

Today, 20 percent of Swedes think that the introduction of a republic in Sweden instead of a kingdom is a good suggestion. The corresponding figure in 1976, then a few years after the king lost his political power, was 9 percent. The SOM Institute at Göteborg University, which has been studying the public feeling in relation to the kingdom, presented that release of its first analysis of a poll it took last fall.

Also the study show that Swedish people's views on the Government’s work have changed since the fall of 2010. 59 percent of Swedes thought in 2010 that the government did a good job. In autumn 2011 the figure had dropped to 39 percent.

The Swedish people are better able to bring in different political positions than gaining track of who's who in politics, but 99 percent of Swedes are familiar with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (Moderate).

People also have a good knowledge of the various party leaders  and are able to point that such as Lars Ohly, former leader of the Left part. Hakan Juholt is, despite his short time as leader of the Social Democrats, well-known. 97 percent of Swedes know about him. Green Party spokesperson, by contrast, has had difficulty getting into people's minds. Asa Romson is known only by 61 percent of Swedes.

The Swedish Big Brother State enjoys a fairly high confidence. The SOM Institute's confidence barometer show that the state is slightly above the middle in the line of Swedish institutions and activities.
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