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The Moderate party in Sweden promised transparency and openness in political donation

Friday, 20 April 2012
Openness and transparency is the utmost requirement for confidence in the political system. That is the view of the ruling Moderate party secretary, Sofia Arkelsten in a posting to the press on Thursday. But one thing stood out clear, she refused to say whether the party accepts anonymous contributions about a given amount.

On Thursday, the controversial Moderate party secretary, Sofia Arkelsten wrote to the tabloid paper Expressen's discussion page that “in order to maximize confidence in the political system it is required that there should be openness and transparency,” especially when it comes to donation to political parties.

The Conservatives Moderate do not accept contributions from organizations or companies. Yeah? The party also reports since 2011 the names of the individuals who donate over Skr20,000 a year to the party. In 2011 no one gave more than Skr 20,000, according to the article.

The party is responsible, however, but could not explain how it will deal with anonymous contributions, which could potentially come from a company or by the same person several times giving anonymously in amounts of less than Skr 20,000. The means that giving Skr20 000 several times by one person will ultimately lead to that person donating a very large sum at the end of the day.

According to the book "Moderate: Fall and Rise "written by Swedish TV4 reporter, Anders Pihlblad, the party received anonymous gifts before the 2006 election. On several occasions, the amount was about some six figures, according to Pihlblad’s book.

The book point that overall, the Conservatives enjoyed more that Skr50 million in three years, between 2004 and 2006 from unaccounted sources. The money was important for the successful election campaign in 2006 when the party took power in Sweden. But those who contributed the money, Sofia Arkelsten, would not say today.

"The book is left for Anders Pihlblad. I note that we follow the rules, "said Sofia Arkelsten.

Question: Who were your biggest private donors for the 2006 election?
Sofia Arkelsten: "I can confirm that we follow the rules," she said.

The Social Democrats said as recently as Friday that they hope for a new law concerning party funding and contribution to political parties before the election 2014.  Sofia Arkelsten also wrote similar account on the Thursday's debate article. However, there is disagreement on how the law should best be designed.

In addition to clear rules regarding individual donations to the Conservatives who are supported by mostly the wealthy,  there is also the expected that the new law concerning the Social Democrats' major source of income, union contributions, and that the party lotteries  be reviewed.

"I think it is good that the Conservatives are taking the process forward to the level of the legislation. Until now there has been quite a long line of talking. I expect we do our utmost to obtain a law before the election, "said Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin.

"We think the parties themselves should decide how they get their revenues. The important thing for us is that donations should be made open, "continues Carin Jämtin.
Question; Do you accept anonymous contributions in excess of Skr20, 000?
Answer: "It never happened. Should it happens, we’ll find out who the donor is and made public, " says Carin Jämtin.
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