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Talking about Sofia Arkelsten, She resigned with immediate effect

Friday, 20 April 2012
Moderate party secretary Sofia Arkelsten resigns with immediate effect ushering a first glimpse that the governing party is under enormous stress.

“She wants to work with other issues,” says Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who explains more about that later during an upcoming press conference.

New Party Secretary becomes Mayor of Orebro, Kent Persson. “He will lead the party to election campaign in 2014 when we will try to win the election for a third time,” says Fredrik Reinfeldt.

“I am married and have two children, I look forward to my new task with humility,” says Kent Persson.
It has been impossible to get Sofia Arkelsten as at this posting to say something about her dismissal or resignation - which ever is subtle to the ears.
Arkelsten succeeded Per Schlingmann as party secretary in October 2010.
Since then she has been a very controversial figure and has come under fire a few times.

Shortly after she took office, she was associated with a paid luxurious trip by oil company Shell to seminar trip to France in 2008. Arkelsten was then an MP and an environmental spokesperson for the Conservatives. Morally this is not a good thing but the Moderate party did not question her and they remain on her side.

A prosecutor at the national institution - drive against corruption opened an investigation but declined later to proceed. It was determined that there was a crime related to her actions.

Reinfeldt seem to have been having sleepless nights since it emerged that the Conservatives are fading in the eyes of the Swedish people. They are now looking for means to step up the pace and create more spin for the elections in 2014 and deal with the Social Democrats' surge in public opinion.

The party leader, Fredrik Reinfeldt, feels that by being in some one who could be a hard hitter could assist the party change its fortunes.

It is not very clear at this moment why Sofia Arkelsten, born in 1976 has been dumped by the party. Previously she was a municipal politician in the City of Stockholm.
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