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Swedish rail and road network development has been accounted to be very poor and backwards

Wednesday, 07 March 2012
Sweden is faring very poorly in the European region in terms of investment in roads and railways, according to a new compilation that is being widely reported in Sweden now. This assessment stretches as early as the 90th century.

According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri the compilation was made by Jan Edling, an analyst at Vinnova, and it will be presented at an expert seminar for the Social Democrats organized in the Swedish parliament on Wednesday.

Political ethics, based on figures from Euroconstruct, shows that Sweden has long lagged behind Europe in terms of investment in roads and railways. This something the European commission has had pointed and accused the Swedish government of piling up money in the forms of show that they have a better public finances while infrastructure are not invested in.

"If you look at roads and railways, we are 70 percent below the European level, "said Jan Edling.
"We will have a very poor infrastructure than Europe when they’ll start booming again, we will fall behind," he says. Ever since the mid -1990s, the Swedish investment as a share of GDP was much lower than the average in 15 European countries, according to the compilation.

Only two countries, Norway and France, have invested less than Sweden on railway since 2007. Then still the gap between Sweden and other countries in Europe have declined somewhat in recent years.  Countries that have invested more in railways are Spain and Switzerland.

Even road improvement and development in Sweden has been modest in Sweden compared to other European countries. A total of 11 out of 15 surveyed countries in Europe have invested more in their road and motorways than Sweden in the last four years, according to figures from Euroconstruct.

Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands have invested most on their road networks, the data show.
Commenting on the figures, Jan Edling, writes to the under-funded Swedish infrastructure that it will lead to loss of economic competitiveness and inhibits mobility. Also, growth may be a hit especially in the metropolitan areas, according to Jan Edling.

According to calculations that Social Democrats have made in connection to Jan Edlings summary, the annual Swedish investment in the transport system have to increase by Skr15 billion to reach the average for the 15 countries surveyed in Europe.
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