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Swedish finance minister, Ander Borg criticize his government’s policies

Saturday, 17 March 2012
Youth unemployment is the major election stumbling block that will bring down the current Swedish government as for this Finance Minister, Anders Borg has gone on the offensive to self criticise his policies.

He is dissatisfied with the professional induction programs and vocational training given to the youth and these and others are responsible for the very high youth unemployment in the country today.

In his speech and at a press conference afterwards after the Conservative Conference in Orebro, Sweden, Borg lined up deficiencies that contribute to the young people and those of foreign background having it difficult to getting a foothold in the Swedish labour market.

"The programs for the introduction to professions and skill development must be made to work significantly better than they did before, "said Borg.
Mr Borg also pointed that vocational training in high school are also substandard and would not work as they should as there is the miss between practice and theory. It is hard for youth to find internships that fills the required meas.

"Apprenticeship training programs we have been operating, has been much slower than we anticipated, "said Borg, who noted that youth unemployment, was too high in Sweden for 20 years.

Borg who sounded desperate and like some one who had come to the end of the road for ideas hoped on social partners, unions and employers, to help drive down unemployment among young people and others who have no job. Parties may negotiate agreements in which young are offered jobs and training, or apprenticeship of a larger scale, the government will throw n more support. It could be I the form of grants, reduced payroll tax for some time among others.

Borg failed o identify that the flood of eastern European cheap labour into Sweden has made it that employers skip wasting time training the youth and instead go on with cheap and obedient eastern Europeans.
 Mr. Borg also failed to understand that Sweden is not as harmonious as they in the government may want people to believe. There is a great divide between those who have access and those who don’t and there is serious gulf that has been widening since the 1990s.

Beside the above it has been a general notion that cost of hireling and firing of workers in Sweden is too high as such the minister would want to see measures that lower thresholds and allows employers to become more willing to bring in people to be on the top of the agenda. Borg rejects, however, a general reduction in employer contributions.

Borg rejected the solutions sketched by the opposition, Social Democrats and wondered if businesses believe that the new Social Democrats leader, Stefan Löfven is the right man to lead Sweden.

"It is only the Conservatives and the coalition government that can ensure that we do something about Sweden's most critical social issues, youth unemployment, "said Borg.
This is after they have been in power for more than 6 years and youths as well as immigrant –looking people continue to languish is the rear of the Swedish job market.
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