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Swedish companies and entrepreneurs would favour Reinfeldt more than Löfven

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
In the Swedish political scene, the Social Democrats have increased substantially in the polls since Stefan Löfven was elected new party leader. But according to a study by a polling organisation, Skop, made on behalf of the Swedish business daily, Dagens industri, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldlt is still the big favourites for the country's entrepreneur community.

In the polls published in Tuesday, the business community sees the rising support for the Social Democrats leader differently. The survey of 600 entrepreneurs made business leaders to have to answer the question of which of Fredrik Reinfeldt and Stefan Löfven they’ll favour more as having the greatest understanding of company life.

Here, Fredrik Reinfeldt, had the support of 67 percent of respondents and Stefan Löfven 19 percent.
Last Sunday, polling organisation Sifo, published a survey which showed that the Social Democrats had returned as the largest political party in Sweden with 33.7 percentage of voter support.

"I think Stefan Löfven has the confidence of companies, based on his past Workers union activities. But now he is party leader and in that role he has yet to make any real move, "says Birgitta Hultåker, project manager at the Skop to the paper.

It looks like most of the Swedish polling organisations are in a hurry to come out with some form of measurement and comparison between the incumbent Prime Minster and Mr Löfven who has just been elected to head his party.

He is still organising economic policies and on the whole it will be hard for business to support a leader who might be street smart and could understand how to close loop holes in the tax system and employment laws.

Social Democrats have been talking too much about labour reforms and how to force companies to take in young Swedish youths whose rate of youth unemployment has sky rocked in the past few years.

It also turns out that most companies just ignore the youths and go for the cheaper Eastern Europeans who could be paid pretty low and could be cheaply fired. With these types of actions in the face of Reinfeldt, something which Stefan Löfvens could check in the future, companies would not be happy with hom.
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