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Swedish authority providing secret high level military aid to Saudi arms factory

Tuesday, 06 March 2012
Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) is helping Saudi Arabia to plan the construction of a missile factory. The project has been ongoing since 2007 under heavy security and secrecy, but now a new document seen by radio Sweden has exposed everything.

It is known that Sweden is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, a country which human rights organizations pointed out that it has a strict dictatorship which violates human rights. But that has nothing to do with Sweden a country which supposed to be the torch bearer of human rights in the world.

However, less well known is that Sweden would also help the regional great power to build up its own arms industry. The first step is a missile factory, a multi-billion dollar facility with 35 buildings.

Reports hold that it is not yet built, but it had been planned as early as 2007. FOI experts have been down and inspected the ground where the plant will form, shown the secret documents that radio Sweden has seen

Here we also see the Swedish government admits that "the project pushes the boundaries of what is possible for a Swedish authority." Project Simoom, as it is called, is so secret that the FOI General, Jan Olof Lind, does not want to acknowledge it when radio Sweden asked him.

“Today we have no contract bound projects with that country, so I have no comment because we do not have a project,” says Lind to radio Sweden.
"Simoom" is however confirmed by Dick Sträng, who led the project until 2010 and was then one of the Director General's closest men.

When Sträng got to see the classified documents radio Sweden presented, he acknowledged that that everything was correct, noting that one of them was signed by the Director General. Sträng also says that the government fully understands the weapons cooperation.
By Team
Here is the document that is causing uproar in Sweden right now. (Sorry in Swedish only)

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