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Swedish Premier, leader of the Conservatives, Reinfeldt, to lower corporate taxes

Tuesday, 03 July 2012
Though tanking in the polls, the Swedish premier is trying to reinvigorate in standing and that of his party by making bold moves. He said on Tuesday at the political retreat in Visby that investment in innovation and research, infrastructure, and additional steps to lower the corporate tax is his party, the Moderates be going for in the autumn budget negotiations.

Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt said that a press conference in Visby on Tuesday that "We have what others lack, we have muscles. Most other countries in Europe have to borrow from others, their own resources are exhausted. Sweden is in the fortunate position that we have our own resources. We shall put in to work, "said he said.

He said the government this fall with their socialist partners will continue to discuss a job pact that will get young people into work. "I greatly hope that we shall keep this in place, "he said.
Fredrik Reinfeldt said that the government is looking at the Norwegian experience, and that Sweden would involve at least 30,000 young people in the labour market.

"Our intention is to reduce what we call the equilibrium unemployment rate and the government is willing to do what it is requested, "he said, adding that the example may involve supervision.

According to the Prime Minister, the purpose of the job pact is to reach solutions that will enable many more young people to be covered by professional introduction in to work and which can assist them into employable positions and that the state help to support employment within the framework of these agreements.

He also added that special efforts will be carried out to assist long-term unemployed, for example by the state accounting for a larger share of the wage costs.
He said that it is important that Sweden's corporate tax is competitive with other countries, but did not want to get into the details of how much taxes could be lowered. He talked just as the as Finance Minister Anders Borg had previously said, to cut the corporate tax rate and to make changes in interest deductions.

Fredrik Reinfeldt said that he does not recognize the discussions on savings within the defense and concluded that it is unusual for an agency that says they might have a deficit within three or four years.

"Our starting point is that the defense budget will continue to be in balance, "he said.
The prime minister also said that with regard to private profits in the welfare sector, it is to him of secondary importance, the important thing is the quality and people's freedom to choose.
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