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Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg, to lean from Holland how to create jobs for the youths.

Sunday, 08 April 2012
Swedish minister of finance, Anders Borg has been hailed in the Swedish media as the best in the world when it comes to the management of pubic finances and for keeping Sweden sheltered from the past financial crisis. But if he is that good, why is Sweden having persistent problems with unemployment under his reign as minister of finance?

Swedish youth unemployment is one of the highest in Europe and a group of people – Swedes with immigrant background (Arabs and Africans as well as Gpsies in particular) are discarded from the Swedish job market. Looking at the country’s unemployment break down one will find that the above mentioned group will hardly be employed by a Swedish company even if they have the required skills. The ministers are happy about such development that has been left to escalate for the past years.
Speaking on the Swedish radio over the weekend, the minister confirmed that unemployment has increased since he took office as Minister of Finance 2006. The two - thirds of the unemployed are made up of young people and people of immigrant background as we described above. In fact unemployment has been on the rise since Mr Borg became minister in 2006

He would want to learn from Holland, Austria and Germany on how to deal with youth unemployment but on the side of those with immigrant background the minister had no clue on how to work with that sector of the Swedish society.

As we have written here several times, Swedish youths were neglected when there was a stream of very cheap and submissive labour inflew from Eastern Europe. No employer would be interested in training youth to take over as there was cheap and skilled labour coming in.

Then nepotism, institutional racism, bureaucracy and neglect let to the immigrants - looking Swedes not to be considered in any national discussion. As such they are not known until now that the next election is around the corner and the Social Democrats are now showing better signs of coming up with improved solutions.
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