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Sweden almost missed China's billion investments

Monday, 28 May 2012
Swedish government got confused when china said it wanted to invest Skr9 billion in Sweden. The minister did not understand that Chinese talk so Swedish enterprise minister travelled to Chinese to seek clarification.

Swedish television reports that there was a big confusion about the money which the Chinese said they wanted to invest in Sweden. This led the Swedish Enterprise minister, Annie Loof to take a flight to Beijing to try to straighten out the question marks surrounding the nine billion that China wants to invest in joint cooperation with Sweden.

When Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in Sweden in April, she was suddenly told that China would invest one billion euros, about nine billion in co-operation between China and Sweden.
The Swedish government was not forewarned. The question is whether the perceived message.

“Normally, usually something like this has to have been made up in advance of the conversations that take place before a major political visit. But this time, the Chinese side did not make anything,” said Kenneth Hultgren, press secretary at the Enterprise Ministry.

The Swedish government representatives were surprised and were at first not sure if they heard right. Many interpretations were that the discussions were focus all about the EU, not just Sweden.
Wen Jiabao made the announcement while on visit to Sweden that China will be pumping nine billion, considered to be an awful lot of money into Sweden.  t was not certain that this had to do with Swedish-Chinese investments, according to Minister Annie Loof when Swedish television meet her in Beijing on Monday.

But it was not until the Cabinet Office had checked one more time with the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm did they became completely certain that the money would be investment between China and Sweden, not China and the EU.

The question now is how the money should be spent. Loof is expected to come with the answer after her stay in China.
“When Wen Jiabao was in Sweden, he talked about, for example, environmental technology, innovation and safety. I hope I can get more clarity in my conversations with my Chinese counterparts,” she says to Swedish television.

Some authorities are already puzzling if some of the money could be used on the Saab automobile project.
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