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The leader of the Social Democrats, Stefan Löfven attack the Government's jobs policy

Tuesday, 01 May 2012
On May Day celebration, the Social Democrat party in Sweden went out through the country with one main strategy – to floor the government’s jobs policy. It looks like it is working based on the crowd he is pulling.

Stefan Löfven in front of a large audience in Gothenburg slammed the government for failing to combat what they described as the run away youth unemployment in Sweden and failure to protect the loos of jobs during the financial crisis in 2008 .

Löfven debut its mayday as party leader speaking to between 10,000 and 15,000 listeners at Götaplatsen in an almost summer warm Gothenburg. The bulk of the speech was devoted to jobs and Löfven called youth unemployment a huge failure for the government.

"We believe in our youth and we will make it possible for every boy and girl to believe in their future. Youth unemployment is not a sign that something is wrong with the young people, it shows that government policy is wrong, "said Löfven.

He also attacked the government for having "willfully” allowed tens of thousands of jobs to be lost during the financial crisis. He referred to the worker’s Union, Metall which in 2008 vainly courted the government to get into a social support so that companies could retain surplus employees on short-term work such as  in Germany.

The social Democrats have since last fall made a proposal to increase the ceiling for unemployment benefits to Skr910 per day for the time being, according Löfven.

One very important new news was that if elected to be the country’s next Prime Minister, Löfven will create an innovation policy council - made up of ministers, scientists, industry and trade representatives. They shall have as their task to develop and continually update innovation strategy for the government. Similar advice has been tried in other countries and also being proposed in Sweden.

"We live in an international competition and that means that conditions are changing almost from day to day. That's why this dialogue with industry is so important, "says Löfven.

The Social Democrats organized their first talk meetings around the country under the slogan "Knowledge and work builds Sweden." The economic political spokesperson Magdalena Andersson promised in her speech in Landskrona that the Social Democrats will create more jobs and grow businesses in Sweden, but could not give details.
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