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Social Democrats continues to grow as new opinion polls show the party making in routes

Friday, 04 May 2012
The way things stand now in Swedish politics and if it continues this way, the Swedish opposition party, the social democrats in on course to win power if an election is called soon.

A new opinion poll show that things continue to go forward for the Social Democrats. In an opinion pool commissioned by the Swedish tabloid paper, Expressen carried out by pooling organisation, Demoskop, showed an increase of 1.4 percentage points from April, and is now at 35.5 percent. It is the highest figure for the party in the Demoskop opinion polling since April 2010.

The Red-Green parties collective stand at 51.4 percent of the votes, while the governing Alliance coalition has 43 percent.
The only statistically significant change is the Sweden Democrats' decline by two percentage points to 4.6 percent.
By Team

Main facts according to the poll
Votes cast as a percentage according to the opinion survey presented in the Expressen / Demoskop measurement. In parentheses are the changes since last month's survey.
Poll standing
 Change (%)
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The Left Party
The Social Democrats
Green Party
10.2 +0.7
The Center Party
Liberal Party
30.1 +0.2
Christian Democrats
Sweden Democrats
4.6 -2.0
Political Blocs size
+0.6 Moderates, Center, People's party and the Christian Democrats
The Red-Green
+1.2 Social Democrats, The Greens and the Left Party

A total of 1000 persons aged 18 and older were contacted between 25 April and 2 May to the question "What is the parliamentary party would you vote for if there were an election today?".
Source: Expressen / Demoskop. (TT)

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