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Social Democrats are gradually making a comeback as opinion polls keep them on the lead in the Red - Green coalition

Monday, 12 March 2012
The Social Democrats party in Sweden has taken a giant step up and increase it support by 7.7 percentage points to 29.6 in the new YouGov opinion survey, indicating that leadership and “stuck in the past” ideology was dooming the party.

Their improvement has also increased support for both the Left and the Green Party seeing the left Green Coalition bloc growing impressively.

The opposition, Red – Green coalition which is made up of the Social Democrats, Left party and the Green party have now surpassed the government bloc, by 47.3 to 46.6 percent in terms of popular support at the moment. This is what things will stand if elections were to the held today.

The Moderate party, on its own, slopes 3.7 percentage points to 32.1 percent. The Centre Party drops marginally, while the Liberal Party (People’s Party) and the Christian Democrats increased somewhat.  Christian Democrats are now back at the parliamentary threshold, according to the poll published in the free newspaper, Metro.

Even in the United Minds measurements, published in the tabloid, Aftonbladet, show that the Social Democrats jump upward. The party increased by 6.5 percentage points to 32.5 percent. The party is thus moving the Conservatives to take the place of the largest single party in the country now. The Moderates lost 3.4 percentage points, ending up at 29.3 percent.

Even in the measurement the Red-Green bloc where leading impressively at 47.6 percent against 44.4 for the four non - socialist parties in government.

Since Stefan Löfven was elected party chairman in January, the party's popularity among voters has increased in several opinion poll measurements. Party secretary, Carin Jämtin told Aftonbladet that the several explanations for this success are there, especially that the party polices are no longer obscured by personal issues.
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