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Racial problems in Malmo, Southern Sweden blamed not of the Mayor, Reepalu. No! “Blamed Mona Sahlin”

Wednesday, 28 March 2012
There is more racial tension in Malmö, Sothern Sweden than any other part of the country, Sweden. But as Malmo's most famous politicians, Mayor, Ilmar Reepalu (Social Democrats), is confronted about the break down racial cohesion and trust in the town, he has instead turned and blamed the Social problems on the former Social Democrat leader, Mona Sahlin.

She is accused of not having understood the consequence of allowing newcomers refugees settle wherever they want.

As such Malmö has become a symbol of crime and decay. This means that the immigrants or refugees came with lost of crimes. In places such as Rasmusgatan, according to the mayor, the police has made major efforts in dealing with offenses such as assault, robbery and drug sales. Today a large part of the street is camera monitored as a means to suppress crime.

Ilmar Reepalu, want to specifically say that the media's image of the situation in Malmö is violently exaggerated and that the police have now acquired control of the area.

But Ilmar Reepalu had barely have time to get to Seved before he got into a heated - and sometimes intimidating - discussion with two young men jumping out of a car.
They blamed the Malmö's strong man for the ills of the city.
“Is it my fault that there is mischief in this district? What do you think we should do? Said Ilmar Reepalu back.

But he did not get any answer back. “Some people think that they own the town and try to set the norm,” he sad.

He blamed the previous decision – makers at the national level, including party colleague Mona Sahlin for the social problems Malmo suffer from today.
The biggest problem, he argues, was the right of newly arrived refugees to settle wherever they want.
“The consequences of the great migration are not well understood. They could not understand how serious this was,” said Ilmar Reepalu.

His blame game has created outrage among many people who have called on the mayor to exercise some leadership and start taking responsibility. He nags about welfare and social sustainability, but resources do not reach those who need help.

All these came when the Leaders of the Jewish community protested against his leadership in Malmö when he said that the far rights,  Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community and to incite hatred against the Muslims.

The Jewish leaders wrote to the leader of the Social Democrat party expressing their dismay of Mr. Ilmar Reepalu saying that they have lost confidence in him as the head to the Malmö commune.

Now confronted by Swedish television, he says that the problems in Malmö are not of his making and that his colleague such as Mona Sahlin where responsible and also blames mass immigration.
Mr. Ilmar Reepalu is in effect saying that refugees who have been accepted to live in Sweden would have been taken to a different place; maybe the government would have created a new town for them of a sort of camp or something.

What a shame of a leader of a great town such as Malmö , which is very close to the European continent and Denmark which would have been the central point of Swedish diversity. A leader who has his own hatred for other races has taken his time to break down the city and given it a place in the world map as a place where racial cohesion cannot work. This in a country that preaches equality, democracy, freedom and justice - another example of Swedish hypocrisy, What a shame for Sweden.
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