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Obama's anti Semitic envoy to racially charged Malmö

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Sweden’s problem with racism is okay when it does not concern the Jews. When the Swedish racist mess with the Jews, the Americans will come to town.

Though struggling with a 10 fold increase in racist insults since taking office as the first ever man of colour in American highest office, Obama is sending an envoy to examine what is happening in Malmo, Sweden in relations with the welfare of the Jews there.

Swedish television reported today that anti-Semitism in Malmo once again became a focus of the American debate on racial violence that has been reported expanding in Malmö especially against the Jewish community there.
President Obama's envoy on the fight against anti-Semitism - Hannah Rosenthal - comes to town to meet inter alia Ilmar Reepalu, the Mayor of  Malmo which was in recent months embroiled in a spat with that community.
Rosenthal meets both the Jewish Community leaders and parish members and Ilmar Reepalu during the visit. Parish Members will tell what is happening to be a Jew in Malmö today, and Ilmar Reepalu will certainly have the opportunity to discuss the situation in the city.

Reepalu is not stranger to issues relating to racial tension. Just a month ago he was in the centre of a storm against what was described as pure racial attach against the Jewish community and in which the leader of that community wrote a letter to the head of the Social Democrats to complain about the actions of the mayor.

Also representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Paris were in Malmö today, on the occasion of a seminar on Islamophobia and anti-Semitism on campus. The centre has previously warned Jews not to visit Malmo - and the warning remains.

The Swedish racist can mess up with the dysfunctional black African population there who can make noises but have no lobbying power but not with the strong western backed Jews.
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