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No way for future collaboration between Social Democrats and Conservatives

Monday, 09 July 2012
Social Democrats and its leader, Stefan Löfven says that they sees no way in which there  could be a future collaboration with the Conservatives and their party. However, he holds the door open to welcome the smaller bourgeois middle parties.

"I can not see any cooperation with the Sweden Democrats, and I find it hard to see that it can be possible with the Moderate Party. But then we have to stay open in order to form an energetic government of Sweden, "says Stefan Löfven to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri.

Several top politicians, economists and political scientists believes that it can get messy after the election in 2014.
The new Constitution which applied for the first time after the election in 2014 means that there will be an automatic vote on who should become Prime Minister. This makes it difficult to govern without a majority in parliament.

The Social Democrats have so far not given any information about how they'll work on the government issue. But for Stefan Löfven it is important to keep several options open.

This came after the Social Democrats accused the government of copying its policies.  This ties with their pledge for new efforts on climate innovation and export support for small and medium enterprises. The Social Democrats leader, Stefan Löfven, has been criticising the  and the Moderates on new jobs pact.

On Saturday the Social Democrats' had their day to exhibit their policies  at the Swedish summer political retreat at Visby. Here jobs dominated the discussion when  Stefan Löfvens in his open speech attacked the government of its failed job policy. 

Social Democrats want to invest one billion over four years to support the development of climate innovations. The support of up to 50 percent will be distributed by an authority and be open to companies and municipalities.

The idea is to try to kill two birds with one stone, and both reduce emissions and create more jobs. It could for example be about investing in new technology for wave energy, where energy companies and government share the costs.

The Social Democrats also want to invest one hundred million Krona over four years in export promotion for small and medium enterprises. Support will aim in particular to help companies take their entry into new markets.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt presented the Conservative's new job pact, which the government wants to get the unions to agree with employers. Stefan Löfven, while welcoming the initiative, claim that it was his idea originally.
"Reinfeldt has taken a Löfven model that was launched two years ago, when the IF Metall and our counterparts signed an agreement on the introduction to the professionals, "he says.
Fredrik Reinfeldt feels that 30,000 new jobs could be created, but the full-scale effects will not appear until 2014, since investments are presented in the next budget. It's way too late, believes Stefan Löfven.
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