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Löfven attacked Reinfeldt about his “Nasty statement” boosting his leadership qualities

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Swedish Social Democrat leader, Stefan Löfven, reacted strongly yesterday to Premier Fredrik Reinfeldt's statement about "ethnic Swedes in their middle ages being less unemployed…" Löfven believes that it is an attempt by Reinfeldt to dribble away the problems of high unemployment in the country.

He told reporters yesterday that “I think it is scary that a Prime Minister in Sweden points out certain groups and spreads them out in the “us” and “them” manner,” said Löfven.
“They point out certain groups and say that it is they who are the problem, without a shred of solution. They point out and say this is no problem for it is they who are unemployed. Unemployment is unpleasant for everyone,” said Löfven.

“I think it is an extremely careless expression that is not worthy of a Prime Minister, he said.
News agency TT has not had the opportunity to ask Fredrik Reinfeldt to throw more light in his statement. Instead, his press officer, Roberta Alenius, sent a written comment.

"Our opponents claim that we have mass unemployment in Sweden. We believe that Sweden has structural problems with higher youth unemployment and the foreign born, "writes Mr Reinfeldt and continues:
"The statistics speak for themselves." Among people in the ages between 25 and 54 years, unemployment is 3.4 percent, he writes, referring to the figures for the month of March.
The corresponding figures for young, well aware that the measure contains a large group of full-time students, is 25.5 percent and the foreign born between the ages of 25-54 years 14.8 percent.

Reinfeldt refers government reforms carried out that have contributed to employment growth in these groups, but that additional measures need to take still.

In 2006, the unemployment rate among people in the age groups 25-54 years was 3.3 percent in the last quarter. The corresponding figure for first quarter 2012 is 3.8 percent. For foreign-born persons unemployment during the final quarter of 2006 was 11.2 percent and 14.8 percent in the first quarter of 2012. For both groups together, the unemployment rate was 4.5 percent in 2006 and 5.8 2012.

The figures show therefore that the problem set by Fredrik Reinfeldt highlights basically was the same as in 2006, when the alliance parties described the situation of mass unemployment in the country. Even then, unemployment was significantly lower in the group of people in the ages 25-54 years than for those born abroad.

With Stefan Löfven identifying that unemployment is bad for every body, he is detracting from the conservatives who seem to have strengthen their base – and spread our resources to them to consolidate the job market forcing weakly competitive immigrants with limited connection and recognition in the system to permanently remain in the rear of the society and job market.   This conforms to what some observers said earlier that immigrants from certain countries, defined by their skin colour have no dream in Sweden even though those people would have dreams in the UK or USA. 
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