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Head of Swedish companies would love to see political cooperation among the party blocs

Monday, 07 May 2012
Several heads of Swedish companies would be happy if there is increased co-operation among the political party blocs in Sweden.

After the party leaders debate last night on Swedish television, it has shown that the party blocs have great valued that of combine could be good for the Swedish micro sector. Especially in the areas such as energy and economic policies, Swedish business daily Dagens Industri reports that there in growing interest to support the political parties to work this way.

The Social Democrats' new party leader Stefan Löfven was talking about creating a better business climate by paving the way for new collaborations across bloc boundaries. This is seen by a number of players in the business sector as a great idea.

"I think the government should seek broad solutions with the Social Democrats. There is no need for a minority government to seek their own solutions in large critical issues for the future, "says Volvo CEO Soren Gyll to the paper.

Even Sverker Martin-Löf , Chairman of both Industrivärden and forest and hygiene group SCA, he sees a unique opportunity for the government to seek solutions together with the Social Democrats.

Energy policy is the area of business operation, most want to see cooperation on.
"The energy policy is very important to have clear rules for 20-30 years ahead, "says industrialist Rune Andersson to Dagens Industri.

There are two main blocs in the Swedish political scene today – the Red – Green opposition bloc made up of the socialist parties of Social Democrats, The Left party and the Green party. On the other side is the ruling coalition made up of the Moderates (Conservatives), the Centre party, the People’s party and the Christian Democrats.  The far right, Sweden Democrats stands in the middle and sometimes dances to the right and left.
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