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Growth in Swedish exports while imports fell

Thursday, 31 May 2012
Sweden continues to strategically placing it self to resist the current global economic turbulence with an impressive growth in exports and reduction in imports.

Exports of goods from Sweden during the first quarter increased by 0.3 percent in volume (value in constant prices) compared to the first quarter of 2011, official data from statistic Sweden show.
It also show that at the same time, imports of goods decreased in volume by 0.6 percent. In 2011 the increase in volume of exports was 8.6 percent while imports increased 7.3 percent, compared to the corresponding period in 2010.

Exports of machinery and transport equipment were down by 4 percent while Wood and paper products increased by 2 percent. Chemical products decreased by 10 percent. Minerals and Energy products rose by 11 and 14 percent respectively while Other products increased by 6 percent.

Imports during the first quarter decreased by 0.6 percent in volume, compared to the fourth quarter of 2011.
Machinery and transport equipment, the dominating sector in imports, decreased by 2 percent. Within this sector imports of road vehicles decreased the most, 7 percent. Electronics and telecommunications products decreased by 3 percent.

Imports in the other products showed a varying development. Food/beverages/tobacco continued to increase, 6 percent, while the imports of textiles, clothing and footwear decreased by 5 percent. Imports of furniture decreased by 10 percent.

The sector: Energy products, there was a decreased of 8 percent, mainly due to a continuing decrease in the imports of petroleum products whereas the sector Chemical products increased by 5 percent. Within the sector organic / inorganic chemicals, there was an increased of 11 percent and pharmaceuticals by 8 percent. Minerals increased in volume by 7 percent, while Wood and paper products showed a small decrease.
By Team / News sources: Statistic Sweden

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