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Far right part Sweden democrats stubbornly remain big in Sweden – opinion polls show

Monday, 14 May 2012
What ever they say, Sweden continues to be a country where people are not afraid to saw how they feel. Since it became possible for people to openly express their hatred for other in way of a political lining, the Sweden democrat party emerged and has remain persistently strong since then.

In new opinion poll out on Sunday, support for the far right party, Sweden Democrats stood at 6.6 percent making it the fourth largest political force in Sweden. Their increase of 1.9 percentage points since April is most likely on the attention the party under the leadership of Jimmie Åkesson gained after the party leaders' debate last Sunday, according to polling authorities.

In a debate that saw the other political parties shared a platform with the far rights, a return from their previous boycott, saw the far right handled immigration issues to the delight of many forcing some undecided to shift towards the far rights.

But though that was the deciding factor that pushed the Party into parliament, it seems less the only factor that is pushing up support for the party today, according to Sifo which conducted the survey. The party has tried to broaden its policy though not very successful.

The ruling Conservatives lost 1.4 percent, ending up at 27.7. Social is some what stationary and remain unchanged 36.7 percent. The Christian Democrats lost 0.4 percentage points and thus end up again in the parliamentary entry boundary. The party has almost halved since the election.

For the other smaller parties, the changes are marginal. Between the blocs there is continued growth and the gap is now 10.1 percentage points in favour of the Red Green coalition.

How the various parties are supported according to Sifo's voter barometer for May.   
SIFO selector opinion
Party Voter Support % Change
- 1.4
 Liberal Party (People's party) 
+ 0,2
The Centre Party   
- 0.1
Christian Democrats   
- 0.4
The Social Democrats  
- 0.1
The Green Party   
- 0.1
The Left Party
- 0.3
Sweden Democrats  
1907 voters were contacted between 2 and 10 May and were questioned: Which party would you vote for if the election were held today? Source: Sifo


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