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Persistent rejection of the Social Democrat leader, Julhot as confidence him continues downhill

Sunday, 27 November 2011
The Swedish Social Democratic party leader, Håkan Juholt, is not finding life in his political journey easy. Polls after polls show that he is popular among voter but he remains upbeat.


In the most recent one carried out by pooling firm Skop of how the leading Prime Ministerial  candidates are seen by voters, it reveals a historically low confidence for Hakan Juholt. It should be noted that the growing interested in him is because he heads the country’s biggest political party and should everything be equal that e is liked, then chances that the social democrats will be voted back to power is great.

But it is not looking nice in that direction as 83 percent believe that Fredrik Reinfeldt is adept at leading a government. Even in Juholt own party, the Social Democrats, 48 percent believe that Reinfeldt is more skilled than him.
Why then is he still here remains a mystery and the question as been asked over and over whether the social democrats are ready for government. Authorities believe that if they are actually ready then it might be that it will take them long to get there.

In the survey was conducted between 28 October and 20 November  and  Skop interviewed about approximately 1000 people in a random picking.

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