Party leader and industry minister Olofsson will resign from party but wants to remain as minister or start own business


Saturday, 18 June 2011
Maud Olofsson, has had enough of criticisms and whining in her party about her and her performance as such decided to resign as leader of the Centre Party. But she wants to remain in the government as a minister, or in a worse case scenario, she wants to start her own a business.

Already after the election in 2010 Maud Olofsson, felt that it was enough with three election campaigns and that she would not reload for a fourth.  Now she wants to make room for the next party leader to be appointed at the congress in �re, Sweden in September.
'"I want to pave the way for my successor so he or she gets a chance to work in the three years before the next election, "she said at a Friday's press conference.

Maud Olofsson has since the election victory of 2006 worked in the Economic part of the economy and has played a leading role in transforming the Swedish economy to a buoyant and most admired economy today.
"I would like to continue as an industry minister, but it's the next party leader who decides who should be the minister.”

She sees no problem remaining as a minister till September and believes that she can handles issues such as the Saab negotiations. "I'm still the minister of Industries and Economy and will continue working as one.”

Should she not retain her government position, she may start her own business.
"I want to start businesses. I was employed before becoming party leader, "she says, referring to her former job as President of Agricultural Society before she became party leader in 2000.

"It's an experience I brought with me into the government. I like to say that I was on the other side an experienced entrepreneur. I have lain awake at night and wondered how wages would be paid, "she says.

She can not say what kind of company or what industry she wants to be active in.
"I don’t know, "she says with a laugh.

Maud Olofsson is pleased with the party's operation in the alliance coalition government.
"I think we got many of our major concerns, "she says, mentioning among other industrial policies, infrastructure and gender policies.

The decision to resign comes after intense criticism from several party members. But it should not have affected Maud Olofsson, who says she's had already made the decision when the criticism started falling in hard. She was also criticised for energy policy which has led Swedish energy to run riot and becoming almost unbearable for many families.

"I have taken the decision himself, in consultation with my husband Rolf. "
In the 2010 election, the Centre Party won 5.65 percent, a big disappointment compared to past performances of because it was expected that after presiding over an economic boom, the party would have gained more support. But it turned out that it did not happen that way.

"I realized after the election that we needed a fresh start and I made sure to start the work, "says the 55-year-old Maud Olofsson, who is now giving way to a new generation.
"I feel that the party has new proposals in the pipeline and new people who want them out.”
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