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Öresund Bridge opened again for traffic as wind speed dies down

Thursday, 05 January 2012
Oresund Bridge is again open to vehicular traffic in both directions between Sweden and Denmark.
However, motorists are advised to exercise discretion and run at reduced speed. However, wind sensitive vehicles are not recommended to completely cross the bridge


The bridge was initially closed to all traffic in morning on Thursday, when winds in the area was measured to be greater than the critical 25 meters per second.

There is namely a low pressure over southern Kattegat, Denmark which has given Zealanders gust of wind strength and in some places up to hurricane strength.
But while the wind speed decreases, the wind beats on in a northerly direction.

Rail traffic has not been not been affected by wind gusts on Thursday morning.
Trains can run even when there is a storm, and only if gusts reach over 33 meters per second could the bridge be closed for rail traffic.
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