Norwegian secret services knew about Breivik


Monday, 25 July 2011
The Norwegian security police, PST (Police Security) testify to news agency NRK that it had been informed about Anders Behring Breivik, who is admitted to be behind terrorist attacks in the island of Ut�ya and in Oslo.

According to NRKs website, Breivik was on PST's list of Norwegians who had bought goods from a Polish on line dealer, which sold among others chemicals. Anders Behring Breivik was examined by PST, but the security service found no reason to take any further action.

 "We get lots of information about very many people," PST chief Janne Kristiansen says to NRK, adding that Anders Behring Breivik’s name popped up as PST underwent through all its records and information.

“The only time this name emerged was in connection with a foreign currency exchange check from an international customs project. In March we got a list of up to 80 names and his name was among those names because he had paid Nkr120 to a Polish company in Poland. The company had come under the spotlight because of that they were selling chemicals,” says Janne Kristiansen


PST chose not to take any further action in the case of Behring Breivik.
“We get lots of information about very many people. We investigated whether we had anything else on the people who were on the list and if there was anything that made that we add them.  But we had nothing whatsoever to this person,” she says.

Relating to those who where killed in the massacre, according to information from a press conference given at the 17 hours local time, the total amount of people killed were adjusted downward.
The amount of people killed at the island of Ut�ya was not settled at 68 and not 93 as previously stated. This includes a person who later died in hospital, but the number could rise again, according to �ystein Maeland.

The police are now carrying out a so-called final search on the island and are also looking into the water.
The reason that figure was previously reported so wrong at first was according to police, the turmoil on the island of Ut�ya on Friday night. Some bodies may have been counted twice times.
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