Norwegian Progress Party leader regret certain expressions she made about immigration


Tuesday, 02 August 2011
As the reality of the recent massacre in Norway begins to settle in the minds of the people, those in charge of inflaming the situation that led to the crazy man to go around and butcher about 77 people start taking stock for their actions.


One of them is the Norwegian Progress Party leader, Siv Jensen, who has told a Norwegian newspaper that she regretted individual expression that she may have used in the Norwegian immigration debate.

She also says that both she and other politicians in Norway are now going to change their approach in the debates.
“I think we have already changed our way and we will never be the same again,” said Jensen to Aftenposten.
At the same time Siv Jensen note that the party has nothing to be ashamed of and should be proud of the policies went to the polls with some years ago.

From Denmark, she has however received intense criticism from the Danish People's Party. Its leader Pia Kjïż½rsgaard says in the newspaper Politiken that Siv Jensen's remorse is "terrible" and a "totally, totally wrong decision".
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