Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has admitted the charges against him


Sunday, 24 July 2011
Anders Behring Breivik, 32, who killed at least 92 people on the Norwegian island of Ut�ya and in Oslo, has admitted carrying the attacks. He accepted that he carried out the terrorist tendencies of bombing Oslo and the massacre of Ut�ya.

According to his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, he admits the facts surrounding the terrorist attacks, late on Saturday night.  "In his mind it was necessary," said defense lawyer Geir Lippestad. "He has gone into detail on why, but I would not go into, "said Lippestad to the Norwegian news network, NTB outside police headquarters in Oslo.

According to Lippestad his client said he believes that it was disgusting to perform the killings but that "in his head it was necessary." The lawyer says that the terror attacks had been planned a long time and confirms that the suspect had long written details on a 1500-page document he sent to several people.

This also reflect what Finnish news network Yle points that that there might have been a warning before the attacks in Oslo as a mysterious email was sent to a number of people an hour before the bomb exploded in Oslo, including to the Finnish far right party, the True Finns district secretary of the Pirkanmaa Terhi Kiemunki, Finland.


The mass killer, according to reports, talks a lot about the manifesto in the interrogations and about why he published it.
He’ll continue to be in custody and its negotiations will continue on Monday, according to the lawyer. "He is set to appear before the court to explain the reasons for and why he committed the acts he has acknowledged," said Lippestad.

Mass murdered, Anders Behring Breivik himself requested Geir Lippestad as a defender. The justification was that he once worked in the same building as the lawyer.

Lawyer Lippestad found it vary hard to accept the assignment and would have loved to keep his anonymity because he wanted to think about whether he should take the assignment.

In a comprehensive document Breivik had written about what he would expects from a defence lawyer. He had given clear advice to others about how a lawyer should be selected.

“It is important to find a candidate who understands that this is not a court action which is about achieving the lowest penalty, but about saving Europe from cultural Marxism and Islamization,” he had writen.

According to Swedish televison news, he wrote a letter where attached a document of more than 1500 pages titled "A European Declaration of Independence." The author is reported to be Anders Berwick.

The text is about how Europe should be rid of Muslims, and in the end there is a series of pictures of the suspected mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik.

On Youtube, there was also one twelve-minute video summarizing the text and images of Breivik posing with automatic weapons. The video was later removed on the grounds that it violated the site's terms of use. According to news agency NTB, Breivik "manifesto", and police sources have confirmed that Breivik acknowledged that he published material on the web.
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