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New left wing government takes shape in Denmark after 10 years in the cold

Sunday, 02 October 2011
The new Danish Left wing leaning government voted in recently is taking shape and will be sworn in soon. This comes after ten years of the bourgeois or the right wing conservatives rule.

The said, negotiations for the new government have been lumpy and stressful to the very end, according to reports from news agency Ritzau. It is likely that the government, consisting of 23 ministers, will be completed tonight.


But according to Danish media,  Helle Thorning-Schmidt is now waiting to present the government until tomorrow instead of today as it was expected.

Besides Thorning-Schmidt's own Social Democratic Party, the government will be composed of ministers from the Social Liberal Party, Radical Liberals and the Socialist People's Party.

"We now have a government basis,” she said in her capacity as Denmark’s next prime minister, according to Ritzau on the way to Christiansborg, parliament on Sunday afternoon
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